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This is the first tutorial in my "Controlling the Chaos"  series.   This one is very basic and is geared toward the beginner and anyone just wanting to know how I create my designs.  We use Souffle polymer clay which is easier to slice and to get consistant results.


In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to make Pendants using my method of creating a Mokume collage, texturing designs in the  collage and then cutting free hand pendant shapes.  You will also learn to make a textured clay frame for your pendant. You will only need a few tools to make stunning pendant!


I hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do!  


This tutorial is in English.  It is in PDF format, is 24 pages long and includes 100+ images

Barb Fajardo's Controlling the Chaos -1st in Series/Beginner

  • Do not copy, distribute or teach without

    express written authorization from the artist

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